Who we are

AERIALFIRM LLC is a privately held company founded in 2009 and based in Austria.
We invest in emerging Aerial markets & opportunities, especially thanks to the emerging technology of Unmanned Aerial systems/vehicles, commonly called Drones.
We have also over time worked towards building & establishing a once in a lifetime Aerial domain portfolio & global Internet presence and have just recently started to make it available to the general public.
With properties such as AerialMonitoring.com, AerialSAR.com, AerialSensing.com, AerialAnalysis.com, AerialInvestigation.com, AerialScience.com, AerialInternet.com, AerialNews.com, AerialBroadcast.com, AerialResearch.com, AerialPatrols.com, AerialTransportation.com, AerialSpotting.com, AerialGeology.com, AerialAgronomy.com and many more, AerialFirm LLC holds by far the largest and most influential Portfolio of often exact matching .com domain names when it comes to the Future of Aerial thanks to the Use of UAS/UAV.
We are first and foremost looking to sell our complete monopoly-creating Domain portfolio to an entity that understands the immense potential (marketing, acquiring clients, commanding internet visitor traffic, cornering the commercial market against competition) behind this unique opportunity that we are offering to anyone serious about the future of Aerial, UAS/UAV and drones in general, and has the financial means to acquire it, but do occassionally entertain serious inquiries on single domains from our vast & unique Portfolio of Premium and category-defining Aerial .com domains.

Why we believe in it

Want to know where's the real money in the UAS/UAV/Drone market?
It's exactly in all these commercial Aerial applications, services & professions possible already today or soon which we have focused at from the very beginning, as can also be read in this recently published CNBC article:
Lastly, we let some numbers speak about the economic potential of the UAS/UAV/Aerial drone market: